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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubUnder 14's Div 1Kookaburra U11Under 12's Division 2Under 16's Div 1Under 13s DivisionUnder 12's Division 1Kookaburra U10Under 14 Div 2Under 16's Div 2Under 14's Div 1Kookaburra U11Under 12's Division 2Under 16's Div 1Under 13s DivisionUnder 12's Division 1Kookaburra U10Under 14 Div 2Under 16's Div 2
Adams, ClaireNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club000000008000000008
Adams, JackKurri & Weston District Cricket Club000800000000800000
Adamson, CharlieEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000008000000008
Akerman, LanceRaymond Terrace Cricket Club000900000000900000
Albers, JakeEastern Suburbs Cricket Club00000001200000000120
Allan, HamishMaitland City United Cricket Club000000070000000070
Allen, JackMaitland City United Cricket Club000000700000000700
Allerton, JamesGreta Branxton United Cricket Club100000000100000000
Anderson, MarcusGresford Vacy Colts Cricket Club000090000000090000
Aspinall, CameronRaymond Terrace Cricket Club00000001100000000110
Aspinall, JacksonRaymond Terrace Cricket Club00000001100000000110
Aspinall, Jorja LRaymond Terrace Cricket Club00000001100000000110
Atkins, Taylor JNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club11000000001100000000
Bagnall, DuncanClarence Town Cricket Club004005000004005000
Bailey, KadeNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club000000700000000700
Bailey, SamThornton Park District Cricket Club00001000000000100000
Baker,Northern Suburbs Cricket Club00000010000000001000
Baker, CameronNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club00000120000000012000
Baker, DashNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club000080000000080000
Baker, JackNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club10000000001000000000
Baker, KaydenNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club11000000001100000000
Baker, WilliamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club00012000000001200000
Baldock, QuinnGresford Vacy Colts Cricket Club000000060000000060
Ball, BraidenWestern Suburbs Cricket Club - Maitland Inc01200000000120000000
Barattini, JackGreta Branxton United Cricket Club100000000100000000
Barber, CallanNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club00010000000001000000
Barber, TravisNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club200800000200800000
Barker, CameronNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club11000000001100000000
Barker, HarrisonNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club000000008000000008
Barnes, CharlieClarence Town Cricket Club800000000800000000
Barnes, RileyEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000040000000040000
Barr, CallumWine Country Cricket Club000000080000000080
Barrett, MatthewNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club10000000001000000000
Bartlett, EthanNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club00012000000001200000
Bartley, CooperKurri & Weston District Cricket Club000000080000000080
Bayley, JonathanMaitland City United Cricket Club000000060000000060
Beavis, CodyMulbring Cricket Club00001100000000110000
Beer, CharlieRaymond Terrace Cricket Club060000000060000000
Beer, WilliamRaymond Terrace Cricket Club00000001100000000110
Benbow, JakeGresford Vacy Colts Cricket Club000090000000090000
Bendeich, AidenWine Country Cricket Club000000080000000080
Berry, LachlanDungog Junior Cricket Club000000900000000900
Berry, OllieDungog Junior Cricket Club000000800000000800
Berry, samuelThornton Park District Cricket Club070000000070000000
Bevan, EthanKurri & Weston District Cricket Club000000070000000070
Beveridge-Cook, TajThornton Park District Cricket Club000060000000060000
Bezuidenhout, DivanPort Stephens Cricket Club000000006000000006
Biddle, HaydenGresford Vacy Colts Cricket Club004004000004004000
Bidner, OliverMaitland City United Cricket Club000000600000000600
Bills, IsaacThornton Park District Cricket Club000070000000070000