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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Scowen, HarryEastern Suburbs Cricket Club528.10
2 Stafa, Alex JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club427.20
3 Thorpe, ThomasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club525.70
4 Lovegrove, Thomas JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club417.90
5 Hickling, LucasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club515.90
6 MacIntyre, LachlanNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club315.90
7 Hancock, JosephEastern Suburbs Cricket Club415.40
8 Little, BrodieMaitland City United Cricket Club414.70
9 Stewart, PatrickEastern Suburbs Cricket Club414.60
10 Furness, RyanEastern Suburbs Cricket Club513.80
11 Walker, OscarEastern Suburbs Cricket Club513.40
12 Ryan, JackNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club312.20
13 McIntosh, DeclanMaitland City United Cricket Club412.00
14 Baker, WilliamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club412.00
15 Kelso, SamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club511.60
16 Wadwell, MatieseEastern Suburbs Cricket Club49.40
17 Golledge, RyanKurri & Weston District Cricket Club39.40
18 Ison, BenjaminNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club38.80
19 York, DanielEastern Suburbs Cricket Club58.30
20 Butler, KhynanMaitland City United Cricket Club48.10
21 Bartlett, EthanNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club37.60
22 Frost, TomEastern Suburbs Cricket Club37.60
23 Johnstone, HarrisonEastern Suburbs Cricket Club47.50
24 Whatham, HaydenMaitland City United Cricket Club47.30
25 Cousins, FletcherNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club37.20
26 MacCallum, PeterEastern Suburbs Cricket Club46.90
27 Coyle, IzaacMaitland City United Cricket Club46.80
28 Barber, CallanNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club36.70
29 Porter, ThomasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club46.40
30 Maher, JoshuaEastern Suburbs Cricket Club46.30
31 Brooks, JaxonRaymond Terrace Cricket Club45.90
32 Emmett, PatrickNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club35.70
33 Green, James SEastern Suburbs Cricket Club45.50
34 Greentree, OskaRaymond Terrace Cricket Club35.30
35 Gibson, ReesKurri & Weston District Cricket Club35.30
36 Roe, TJKurri & Weston District Cricket Club35.30
37 Flynn, HaydenRaymond Terrace Cricket Club35.00
38 Friis, JamesNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club35.00
39 Walker, CharlieEastern Suburbs Cricket Club25.00
40 Cook, Ethan PMaitland City United Cricket Club44.90
41 Underwood, KalebKurri & Weston District Cricket Club34.90
42 Hill, Jack JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club44.90
43 O'Connor, JaydenRaymond Terrace Cricket Club44.90
44 Connell, JoelKurri & Weston District Cricket Club34.80
45 Martinovic, JoshuaEastern Suburbs Cricket Club54.70
46 Brar, AmitozEastern Suburbs Cricket Club44.40
47 Kennedy, WilMaitland City United Cricket Club44.30
48 Eather, Aidan MMaitland City United Cricket Club44.10
49 Barber, TravisNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club14.10
50 Callan, ThomasRaymond Terrace Cricket Club44.00
51 Doyle, TomEastern Suburbs Cricket Club44.00
52 Mehrton, BadenMaitland City United Cricket Club43.80
53 Pringle, CalebKurri & Weston District Cricket Club33.70
54 Edwards, IsaacMaitland City United Cricket Club43.20
55 Kennedy, FlynMaitland City United Cricket Club43.00
56 Morriss, TylahMaitland City United Cricket Club43.00
57 Fisher, Noah JKurri & Weston District Cricket Club32.70
58 Bowen, BillyEastern Suburbs Cricket Club42.50
59 Akerman, LanceRaymond Terrace Cricket Club42.30
60 Adams, JackKurri & Weston District Cricket Club22.10
61 Cheetham, Angus JNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club32.10
62 Montgomery, WillNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club31.90
63 Kavanagh, EmeliaKurri & Weston District Cricket Club31.60
64 Lee, JettEastern Suburbs Cricket Club41.50
65 Borrow, HaydenKurri & Weston District Cricket Club31.20
66 Slade, AndrewMaitland City United Cricket Club31.00
67 Cadman, Connor ARaymond Terrace Cricket Club31.00
68 Pringle, EthanKurri & Weston District Cricket Club30.60
69 Webb, HarrisonRaymond Terrace Cricket Club40.50
70 Stacey, Riley WKurri & Weston District Cricket Club20.20
71 Crampton, JoshuaKurri & Weston District Cricket Club10.10
72 Starrenburg, MichaelRaymond Terrace Cricket Club30.00
73 Salter, JackNorthern Suburbs Cricket Club30.00
74 Lantry, SamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club10.00
75 Wilson, TobyKurri & Weston District Cricket Club10.00
76 Threlfall, PhillipRaymond Terrace Cricket Club30.00
77 Wright, SamRaymond Terrace Cricket Club30.00
78 Pearcey, JackRaymond Terrace Cricket Club40.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00